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CEO Message

The BCT-Busan Container Terminal, which will be partially opened in April 2022 and fully opened in June 2022, is a new container terminal that will be opened 10 years after the opening of phase 2-3 in 2012. There are a lot of changes in the past decade, domestic and international shipping port and logistics industries and, amid the crisis and opportunity caused by this change, Busan Port has achieved a phenomenal record of more than 10 million TEUs to more than 20 million TEUs per year. Despite the global crisis of COVID-19, the 3% increase in transshipment volume is an example of Busan Port's status as the world's second-largest transshipment port and its global competitiveness. Now, Busan Port has established and implemented a new mid- to long-term plan of more than 25 million TEUs more than 30 million TEUs. Shipping companies that want to handle additional supplies in Korea, especially in Busan, need to provide the necessary ships in a timely manner so that they can handle additional supplies at Busan Port, not at other ports. BCT-Busan Container Terminal will open 1 berth in April next year and 3 berths in June next year to meet the needs and expectations of these shipping companies. Other competitive ports that came to Busan Port 10 years ago to learn know-how in operating automation terminals have been opening and operating advanced automation terminals. The BCT-Busan Container Terminal, which will be opened as a state-of-the-art Korean automated container terminal, will once again be an opportunity to inform all shipping companies around the world of its know-how and efficiency of Korea terminal operation. Thank you.

CEO of Busan Container Terminal Co., Ltd.

SS Lee